[MPlayer-users] "Patent", distros and that kind of stuff

Juan Pablo xjuan_gq_nu at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Aug 7 04:59:20 CEST 2003

Hi A`rpi, and others...
First of all thanks for doing such a wonderful player.
I am a mplayer user since I knew about it, and also a Debian user and I
completely agree with you in that Distros should not make a package if
the app does not meet their standard or whatever

"I (A'rpi) want to ask all of those distributions to consider dropping
MPlayer packages completely instead of shipping unusable crippled
If you need some kind of support, just ask :) i will have no issue in
writing to the Debian People or whatever helps you.

"if you can't do it right, you better don't do it at all!"

Uhhh!!... thats why i like you people (^_^)

"I'm even considering patenting my A-V sync algorithms"
You are on your rights, and it could save you some troubles, I just hope
this hole situation do not affect the mplayer community :)

best regards

Juan Pablo

PS: G2 is working nice... keep up the good work
Xjuan's web site http://xjuan.gq.nu

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