[MPlayer-users] Process X using too much CPU

Dirk dirk2 at wor.net
Tue Apr 29 10:35:24 CEST 2003

Jonathan Rogers wrote:

 > [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
 > Dirk wrote:
 >> What is the X process doing? The answer could help me to identify the
 >> problem.

 > Well, I know I'm just repeating myself, but the X process could be
 >doing the colospace conversion and scaling. I've observed this on a
 >machine with cheap onboard video. The XFree driver for the card
 >supports Xv, but the X process uses quite a bit of CPU time while
 >playing a DVD.

Oh yes, I did read it in your last answer. I think on one side, this
can't be the "true" in my case, because in the Xfree.0.log everthings
looks like hw acceleration is used fine:

(II) SIS(0): Using XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA)
        Screen to screen bit blits
        Solid filled rectangles
        8x8 mono pattern filled rectangles
        Solid Lines
        Dashed Lines
        Offscreen Pixmaps
        Setting up tile and stipple cache:
                32 128x128 slots
                17 256x256 slots
                6 512x512 slots
(==) SIS(0): Backing store disabled
(==) SIS(0): Silken mouse enabled
(II) SIS(0): Using SiS300/315 series HW Xv by default on CRT2
(II) SIS(0): v4l[/dev/video0]: using hw video scaling [YUY2].
(II) SIS(0): Direct rendering disabled
(WW) SIS(0): Option "CalcAlgorithm" is not used
(**) RandR enabled

On the other side, you might be right - what else could make the
X-Server so busy? But why does it do this even though the
XFree86.0.log says hw acceleration is being used?

 > But, you said there was a change from the way things used to work,
 >so the hardware probably is capable of doing the grunt work. It could

Yes, just before my SuSE-Update, everything worked fine, playing a
divx files used less that 5% CPU overall. No hardware has been
changes, only sw update.

 >be that you just have some incorrect value in the XF86Config file
 >which is not allowing hardware acceleration to be used. The developer
 >of the SiS driver should be able to tell you whether hardware
 >acceleration is used and how to ensure it's enabled.

I already "talked" to him...  He says, he can't reproduce the
behaviour, so I think, the problem is outside the driver.  As I said
above, the X-Server seems to (at least try to) use the hardware

 > Check if there is more than one driver module for your chip. For
 >Nvidia chips, for instance, there is the "nv" driver included with
 >XFree, and the proprietary "nvidia" driver from Nvidia. I only use
 >the proprietary one because the Free one doesn't provide Xv or OpenGL
 >for the Vanta chip.

After some searching, I think, this is the only one :-(


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