[MPlayer-users] ice1724: sound ok, picture frozen

Bram Verweij verweij at thelonious.dnsalias.com
Sun Apr 27 18:19:02 CEST 2003

Dear Attila,

> sounds like mplayer doesnt get correct informations from teh sound driver.
> Mplayer synchronises everything to the audio which means, if the sound driver
> doesnt work correct, that the movie isnt correctly played.

I agree. I'd like to figure out exactly which ALSA routine is not giving back
proper feedback, so that I can send a bugreport to the ALSA people.

To this end, I experimented a bit with ao_alsa9.c file. In parcticular,
I tried to figure out whether there is difference in return values of the
get_delay function in ao_alsa9.c for my two soundcards. This was not the case,
both returned values in the range of .3. The return-value is assigned in line
1116 of ao_alsa9.c. Other suggestions are called for!

The M-Audio revolution is a very new card and it's alsa-driver seems to be
still under development. I imagine the ALSA people would appreciate proper


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