[MPlayer-users] Sound and video out of sync with mencvcd

Carl Fink carl at fink.to
Sat Apr 26 02:06:41 CEST 2003

I posted a question about this, and got a request for a mencvcd log.  It's
big, so rather than try to mail it to someone I've put it on my web page


That's not linked from anywhere, you just have to go directly to that URL.

Again, I can't get subscribed to this mailing list.  It isn't strictly
NECESSARY to copy me on any responses, but if you don't I won't see your
answer until I check the archive at mplayerhq.hu, which might be a matter of
several days.

Thanks again.
Carl Fink		carlf at dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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