[MPlayer-users] xv playback causes crash

kogl.th at gmx.at kogl.th at gmx.at
Thu Apr 24 22:34:27 CEST 2003

> which xf86 drivers do you use ??? the default or one from nvidia ???. 
> perhaps mplayer use some bugged feature from the drivers. ( that xine 
> simply emulate. )
> use the 2960 which is really stable ; get it from nvidia, they have a 
> section for linux driver ( allways use the src and compil it by yourself 
> ). don't forget the kernel module too, ( and for newbie read the doc 
> because install could be tricky ; ask in a diff list... )


as mention in another mail my system crashes playing movies with xv
after 4 to  8 seconds. i tried an ati radeon and a geforce 2. the confusing
stuff after playing around about week is that xine or avifile does not
maybe somebody can take a look at the code.

i also tried several drivers (xfree, nvidia, gatos) every driver with the
effekt -> crash .... it depends on the driver if it crashes after 4 or 8
but it crashes everytime. so i can not believe that ati, gatos, xfree and
drivers are all bad.... maybe there is a bug that only appears on my pc ?!

does anyone have an idea how to debug a hole system crash? maybe this
does help to find the problem!

how you can help me... before i kill my pc :)

take care,

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