[MPlayer-users] re-encoding vcds

yardbird frbiscani at libero.it
Sun Apr 20 17:46:15 CEST 2003


On Sunday 20 April 2003 16:55, Thomas Otterbein wrote:
> The files have the VCD-resolution of 352x288 pixel and mplayer plays them
> nicely with -x 352 and -y 198 but my computer is a bit noisy and so I still
> would like to create VCDs out of them. As I'm very unexperienced with
> codecs, yuvscalers and all that stuff, I couldn't figure out the best
> way/settings to add black bands on top/bottom. Could anyone give me some
> advise?

You can try the "expand" filter of MPlayer/MEncoder. I created a script which 
encodes to videocd without using yuvscaler: it just uses "scale" (for 
resizing) and "expand" (to add black borders up and down). If it can be 
useful to you, I can send it privately.



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