[MPlayer-users] using radeon 9700 + fglrx

Tim Coninx tim.coninx at cs.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue Apr 8 14:35:08 CEST 2003


What's the best way to use mplayer with a radeon 9700 using the ati
fglrx drivers ?
My experiences are as follows:
The fglrx driver offers two kinds of overlay: XVideoOverlay and

Using XVideoOverlay, mplayer's xv driver works, but only one fourth of
the image is visible (scaled or not). On a side note, every xv driver
experiences that problem (eg. xine), so it's not mplayer's problem.

Using OpenGLOverlay, there is no xv device to use. The fglrx
documentation says to use this kind of overlay, together with the opengl
video output of mplayer. However, gl shows the screen with two vertical
garbled lines, while gl2 shows each video much too slow. Another problem
is that the fglrx OpenGL libs don't come with development files, and
I think using mesa's dev files won't do any good (the packages conflict
on my debian system, btw).

Then I turned to radeon_vid, but while it compiles, it wont load
(kernel, right ?).
So is there anything I'm missing, or is this Ati's fault
(not enough specs on the R300 chip) ?

Tim Coninx -*- KULeuven Department of Computer Science

gpgkey @ http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~tim/

Carpe Aptenodytes! (Seize the Penguins!)
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