[MPlayer-users] Re: dvd rip(mencoder) using -aspect 16:9

Nicolas Velasquez spidyno at yahoo.es
Sun Apr 6 18:18:29 CEST 2003


> > > > When I rip a dvd the aspect is screwed, but if I play the resulting
> > > > avi like this:
> > > > "mplayer movie.avi -aspect 16:9"
> > > > then the movie plays with the appropriate aspect.
> could it help if you added -noaspect to your mencoder phase?
Already tried, still doesn't work. Any other suggestions

And I don't want to use the mpeg4 standard options for storing the aspect
(AKA -lavcopts aspect=16/9), as I want the windows users to be able to view 
the resulting rip.

> -rzei

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