[MPlayer-users] -vop expand pb with cvs version

cit at supercit.homeip.net cit at supercit.homeip.net
Sun Apr 6 15:50:56 CEST 2003


i m curently using the 030222 cvs version of mplayer under debian
i d like to recompile mplayer in order to build it with libvorbis0a
(which has replaced libvorbis0, so if i upgrade my system i won t be
able to keep mplayer)

the problem is that mplayer compiles well, but the -vop expand option do
not work properly
the osd is not well refreshed and is printed at the top and at the botom
of the screen
moreover, the subtitles are not rendered

all this occurs with video file like .avi (i don t have a dvd player)

strangely i have a friend that compiled mplayer the same day i did
there were no problem at all

he has a nvidia geforce-i-don-t-know-which-one and i have a nvidia tnt2
he has an athlon 1400, and i have a duron 1200

does anyone has an idea about that ?
thanks for your help


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