[MPlayer-users] xvid + mencoder broken ?

Martin Hoffmann ma.hoff at t-online.de
Sun Sep 8 20:32:02 CEST 2002


i try to upgrade my xvid + mencoder to todays cvs - however it seems that 
mplayer/mencoder ain't compatible to xvid anymore ?

Somehow compiling like the docs chapter say doesn't make configure 
detect xvid - so i use the "old" way by using divx4.h from xvid as encore2.h 
and decore2.h and symlink libxvidcore.so as libdivxdecore.so and 
libdivxencore.so !
This way xvid is detected as Divx4 and mplayer compiles just fine !

However when i use mencoder to encode to xvid (using divx4 interface) the 
output file grows very large (sometimes  ~1 GB per Minute video - i had) and 
the final output file contains very strange colors and flickers - so there 
goes something very wrong i guess :(

This seems to be version independend of xvid, however with mplayer cvs from 01 
June 2002 everything worked and still does work with current xvid !!! So it 
seems to be a "bug" in mplayer !?

Is this already a known bug, or have i done something wrong for current cvs of 
mplayer (e.g. did the install method change ???) - if not i will provide a 
proper bug report if you request it !


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