[MPlayer-users] audio desync

Zach Shay zshay at resnet.gatech.edu
Fri Sep 6 21:15:02 CEST 2002

> what mplayer version? (are you using cvs?)
yes i use the cvs i recompiled and updated the source yesterday
> no bug reports?
there are no errors apparent to mplayer
> what file?
mpeg, m2v, avi, dvd, etc.
> what kind of lag
i hear the sound before the mouth moves for the sound
> does +/- can help?
i can never get it right with +/- and when i do it just gets off sync 
after a while again.
i don't know what would be causing this....it is very apparent the sound 
is off by 5 minutes....in xine the sound stays in sync but there is a 
click every second....in mplayer (previous cvs i was using) what would 
have is that the sound would get off and then after a while it would 
play a part of the audio stream a couple of times and then it would 
almost be back on sync but then get way off and then repeat what it did 
before......in windows i use windvd with 0 problem from audio....however 
i like the way mplayer looks on my projector better then any other 
program....any help would be appreciated, i would post out from mplayer 
but as i said there is no errrors being detected by mplayer

-------- SYSTEM INFO -------
1.4 ghz t-bird, 768 meg pc2100, dma is on for my hd and dvd-drive, i use 
alsa libraries with the -ac hwac3 flag, but will happen no matter what 
codec i use for playback, rtc is functioning

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