[MPlayer-users] /dev/dsp not closed?

Felipe Massia Pereira felmasper at yahoo.com.br
Wed Sep 4 22:34:02 CEST 2002


I noticed that sometimes, when I call mplayer with multiple files, it can
not open /dev/dsp after the first file (the first file is played
normally). I'm using oss as audio output, so it should be ready (I know
esd and others have a configurable quiet between uses). 

Then I used 'lsof /dev/dsp' and the process owning /dev/dsp was
'xscreensaver'. I'm using the stop_xscreensaver option with mplayer. Well,
I think xscreensaver does not use /dev/dsp normally. So could be the case
mplayer is not closing /dev/dsp when it starts screensaver?

Btw, I get the following message when quitting:
xscreensaver: already running on display :0.0 (window 0x2e00001) from process 16560.

I'm using Debian woody, Linux 2.4.18 on a K6-II 500, 128Mb, libc-2.2.5,
MPlayer 0.90pre6-2.95.4, xscreensaver 3.34.


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