[MPlayer-users] working while dumping

j.a.l j.a.l at free.fr
Wed Sep 4 01:13:02 CEST 2002

Haas Wernfried wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 03:27:19PM -0400, j.a.l wrote:
>>[Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
>>just fix me : while dumping dvd on hdd, mplayer and mencoder do a data 
>>transfert ( am i right ??? ), that mean, instead of burning cd or 
>>ripping audio cd, there do not need real time access : i can code, 
>>compil... and do other such job. ok, ripping will be much longer, i will 
>>come back with a 250Mhz cpu like but i won't waste no more time.
> no realtime or whatever other stuff is needed for dumping/encoding, so 
> feel free to do whatever you want while dumping/encoding.
> hint: use nice to set your process to a lower priority, so it will not 
> interfere with things you want to do in the foreground, but will use up
> "unused" cpu-power: nice -n 19 mencoder -whatever
> see "man nice" for details or just watch it with "top"
thanks, what i've thought, i already use "nice -n 19 ..." for encoding

>>perhaps a tip to add into fac (?)
> FAQ? hmm seems rather like linux-basics to me :)
well, use of nice : yes, but dvd struct/access isn't basic, even here. 
more, i know morrons that still use the pc while burning cd ( and they 
wonder why things were wrong ), so...

> regards
> 	wernfried

thanks for the fix.

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