on (un-)supported data formats (WAS: Re: [MPlayer-users] Quicktime help)

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Sep 2 14:23:01 CEST 2002


> > btw as there is M$ mplayer for ppc/mac someone could look at it, mayeb
> > it has some dlls with some vfw-compatible interface (i doubt that m$
> > invented new api for their mac version)
> I already thought of it ; WMP for MacOS X is downloadable here:
> <http://download.microsoft.com/download/winmediaplayer/WMPMAC/7.1.3/
> MacOS/EN-US/WindowsMediaInstaller.hqx>
> I wanted to download it, look in mplayer's source to see how win32 dll
> interfacing is done and try to do the same for linux/ppc. 
> However I'm stuck by a really stupid problem (don't laugh please), I can't
> unpack this stupid Stuffit .hqx archive (and got rid of any kind of MacOS
> I had).
> So if anyone could unpack this .hqx and send me (a link to) a good old
> tar.gz, I probably will try to do something about it.

I've seen and even used stuffit-expander for linux beta many years ago, it was
downloadable from aladdin systems or so-called company who invited this mess.
But i'm afraid even if you extract this .hqx you'll get an macos binary
installshield or something like that so you have to run it on mac to get it
installed and then grab the dlls.

is there wmp for macos-x too? it would be easier to hack imho, it's
more unix-like

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