[MPlayer-users] automated bugreport generator

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sat Mar 30 14:35:02 CET 2002


> > it seems he wants a script which uses /dev/brains to create a bugreport
> > without user action :)
> > 
> > anyway the idea is not so bad, even i thought it some months ago.
> > but it cannot create full bugreoprt, just a small part of it, collection
> > system info (uname, gcc version etc, and grepping teh usefull parts of
> > config.* files)
> Yes, and that's the problem with it. People would think
> "hey, i run the script, they have all the info now" and forget
> to add mplayer -v or what the problem is (yes, there are bugreports
> w/o a description of the problem)

but we may add a sysinfo.sh script to TOOLS, and note in bugreports.html
that this script can be used on linux (don't forget about non-linux systems,
where cpuinfo/kernel version etc are different) to collect the environment info.

this script could also check some other things:
- if mplayer was compiled without debug info, it could print some warnings
- if mplayer is too old, print warning to try cvs first
- if it was compiled with some unsupported gcc version, print warning

in parallel, we could add more messages to mplayer/mencoder, t the signal
handler and various error handlers (like the YOUR SYSTEM TOO SLOW To PLAY
THIS, and the sig 11 handler messages)

but i must note, the developers are too busy to play such things, so we need
volunteers for this task.

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Developer of MPlayer, the Movie Player for Linux - http://www.MPlayerHQ.hu

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