[MPlayer-users] Converting to divx but not getting any sound

Udi Kalifon udikalifon at junglemate.com
Fri Mar 29 01:00:02 CET 2002


I'm trying to use mencoder to convert a dvd to divx. I get picture but no sound. I have made sure that libmp3lame is installed and was picked up by the configure script and available in "-oac help". Other than that I have no ideas what I might be doing wrong.

The command I use:

mencoder -ovc divx4 -divx4opts br=2500 -oac mp3lame -lameopts br=64 -x 480 -y 270 -endpos 60 -o powers.divx -dvd 1 /dev/dvd

(btw - even if I don't specify "-oac mp3lame" explicitly I get the same result).

I'm a little desperate here after reading all the docs and trying to solve this by myself. Please help.


Can your email do this?

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