[MPlayer-users] bug report (the new -mf option)

Felix Buenemann atmosfear at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 26 06:36:21 CET 2002

Am Sam, 2002-03-23 um 02.55 schrieb mammique:
> [...]
> > > 
> > > you know usualy we work in 12 o 12.5 fps but if rapid action happen in
> > > the middle of a scene we have to switch into 24 or 25 fps, or sometimes
> > > we have to multiply pictures, loop, or invert chronology. i don't think
> > > it will be possible with regex or formatstring pattern.
> > > 
> > > xanim support list of files, but it's not ewought powerful for what i
> > > want to do....
> > What about some sort of playlist for -mf playback, like one filename per
> > line in a plain text file? Would that suit your needs? (I think that's
> > pretty easy to implement).
> yes :) this kind of feature would really help me :) do you know the
> brodcast2000's JPEGLIST (joint exemple) format ? it tells the player
> basic information -mf needs: framerate (float) and width/height values,
> after it's a simple playlist :) the only inconvenient is broadcast2000
> doesn't understand the environement variable "working path" it needs the
> full path from root point to the file it's not flexible.
> would not be easier to simply give a list of images in the command line
> like xanim supports ? like this:
> [mammique at NelsonMonfort preview.jpg]$ xanim Capture_00010.JPG
> Capture_00036.JPG Capture_00062.JPG Capture_00088.JPG Capture_00013.JPG 
> Capture_00039.JPG Capture_00065.JPG Capture_00091.JPG
> for me this would be easier because i'd like to control transparently
> mplayer in slave mode, so not obliged to write a file on the disk, but
> if a file is easier to implement, that's not a problem for me :)

ok, I've changed mf fps value to be float, eg fps=15 or fps=29.97 or
fps=1000/45 also I added filelist support to mf like this:

mplayer -mf on:w=xxx:h=yyy:fps=1.5 blah.jpg,blub.jpg,blub.jpg,xyz.jpg

grab cvs version to get this stuff.
> thanx :)
no problem, what is sleep good for anyway =)

Best Regards,
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