[MPlayer-users] bug report (the new -mf option)

mammique mammique at lamenagerie.com
Sat Mar 23 03:27:05 CET 2002

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> > you know usualy we work in 12 o 12.5 fps but if rapid action happen in
> > the middle of a scene we have to switch into 24 or 25 fps, or sometimes
> > we have to multiply pictures, loop, or invert chronology. i don't think
> > it will be possible with regex or formatstring pattern.
> > 
> > xanim support list of files, but it's not ewought powerful for what i
> > want to do....
> What about some sort of playlist for -mf playback, like one filename per
> line in a plain text file? Would that suit your needs? (I think that's
> pretty easy to implement).

yes :) this kind of feature would really help me :) do you know the
brodcast2000's JPEGLIST (joint exemple) format ? it tells the player
basic information -mf needs: framerate (float) and width/height values,
after it's a simple playlist :) the only inconvenient is broadcast2000
doesn't understand the environement variable "working path" it needs the
full path from root point to the file it's not flexible.

would not be easier to simply give a list of images in the command line
like xanim supports ? like this:

[mammique at NelsonMonfort preview.jpg]$ xanim Capture_00010.JPG
Capture_00036.JPG Capture_00062.JPG Capture_00088.JPG Capture_00013.JPG 
Capture_00039.JPG Capture_00065.JPG Capture_00091.JPG

for me this would be easier because i'd like to control transparently
mplayer in slave mode, so not obliged to write a file on the disk, but
if a file is easier to implement, that's not a problem for me :)

thanx :)

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# First line is always JPEGLIST
# Second line is frame rate
# Width
# Height
# List of JPEG images follows

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