[MPlayer-users] Vobsub without .ifo? (was: Re: ugly subtiles)

tianjy at jippii.fi tianjy at jippii.fi
Mon Mar 25 20:25:02 CET 2002

>> .avi, .sub and .idx files, but no .ifo. No subtitles are
>> shown, even  when trying various -vobsubid choices.
> vobsub autodetect only works when all files are found,
> specify vobsub via the -vobsub <path/name of vobsubfiles
> without last 4 chars> and the -vobsubid <n> switch

I'm defining both -vobsub and -vobsubid. Without -vobsub it would 
complain about not finding sub/idx/ifo files, now it only complains 
about the missing .IFO file.

With -v, the mplayer says:
VobSub: Can't open IFO file: No such file or directory
vobsub: ignoring size: 720x576
vobsub: ignoring org: 0, 0
vobsub: ignoring scale: 100%, 100%
vobsub: ignoring alpha: 100%
vobsub: ignoring smooth: OFF
vobsub: ignoring fadein/out: 50, 50
vobsub: ignoring align: OFF at LEFT TOP
vobsub: ignoring time offset: 0
vobsub: ignoring palette: ed450d, df8f1e, ecc014, ecf90c, 95cb24, 
53a42f, 0de50e, 0db5ed, 0f00ef, 570f5f, c62968, ebebeb, aaaaaa, 7e7e7e, 
535353, 101010
vobsub: ignoring custom colors: OFF, tridx: 0000, colors: 6a556f, 
000000, f78e6a, 000038
vobsub: ignoring langidx: 1
[vobsub] subtitle (vobsubid): 1 language en
[vobsub] subtitle (vobsubid): 2 language en

But no subtitles are shown with "-vobsubid 0", "-vobsubid 1" or 
"-vobsubid 2". I checked and the subtitles are working correctly in 
Windows with Media Player 6.4.

The problematic .sub & .idx files can currently be found at 


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