[MPlayer-users] Windows1250 to ISO8859-2 subtitles (not about patch from (dev), but similar)

Michal Seliga michal.seliga at visicom.sk
Mon Mar 25 18:20:02 CET 2002


Someone may answer this

I have small problem with win1250 subtitles, when I use them with -cubcp cp1250 option they aren't shown well (some chars are bad). When I reacode them 
manually to iso-8859-2 and don't use any -subcp thay are shown bad too (but it worked before! Unfortunately I don't know when it broke and why, all I can tell 
is that I never replaced font directory (i use iso-8859-2) so it must be something inside mplayer).

The only possibility to have subtitles right is to have them recoded to iso-8859-2 and use -subcp latin1 in mplayer.

I cannot attach full bugreport now, but maybe it would be enough for someone to test it and make some real bugreport for developers...


(it is still possible it is my fault that I overwrote something, but if yes, then I don't remember...)

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