[MPlayer-users] About the news : MPlayerXP - 2002.03.18

Gabucino gabucino at mplayer.dev.hu
Tue Mar 19 15:45:15 CET 2002

Alban Bedel didn't RTFM :
> a devellopper himself (no offence here Gabucino I just disagree on what you said and 
> how you presented the facts).
Ehh.. Sorry, I tried to be objective and _I wrote only what Arpi has said_
(read it in the archives! I even put a link to that mail in the news!)

And I couldn't delay writing that news entry any more (to gain more info)
because Arpi_IDEG had a nervous breakdown and ordered me to write that
entry every 5 minutes (as you can read the flame thread on -dev-eng).

That news entry contains only Arpi's words, not mine.

Having said this, I really don't know what is offending in that entry -
but mail to arpi, not me.

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