[MPlayer-users] new input and lirc

Horváth István suti at nuk.teteny.elte.hu
Sun Mar 17 20:00:02 CET 2002

> [snip]
> > and it works great!!!
> > but not really great!
> > what it mean? i mean if i puss the new configure buttons so many times
> > (about 100 times seeeking +10) after that mplayer will not accept any more
> > the remote control, after that i can only control mplayer with keybord!
> I reported this a week ago, similar problem. No soluton yet.
> When you said 'if i puss the new configure buttons so many times' you mean
> pressing button and holding it (repeat) ?
> Because for me it works if I use repeat = 0 (no repeating for pressed
> buttons) and pressing button for every increment.
> If repeat = 1, mplayer stops responding after some time.
> Depending on value in 'seek +-value' command, depends how long it will take
> for mplayer to stop responding.

ohh sorry, i did not write that what i want :))
so if i compile mplayer with new-input, and using it with remote control,
and pussing any configured button so many times(push once and release it)
and repeating this about 100 times, then the remote control will

i hope it was more correct than the before :)

best regards

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