[MPlayer-users] Greetings! NetBSD user.. muaaahaha I love pain!

S. D. mplayer at sudog.com
Fri Mar 15 21:49:02 CET 2002

So mplayer, since its recent import into the NetBSD package source, is my 
new favourite software. :) I love it, quite frankly, and I'm happy to see 
that it was ported. Finally--an almost all-encompassing player that I 
don't have to fiddle with to get working.. err..  not quite.

In an effort to play some DivX5-encoded files with mp3 audio, I've been 
monkeying around with a snapshot version of mplayer. I can get it compiled 
just fine, but warnings such as:

dct64_k7.c:12: warning: alignment of `x_plus_minus_3dnow' is greater than 
maximum object file alignment. Using 4.

--show up all over the place. The resulting binary plays movies not too 
badly, however.

These messages show up both on my home machine, and my work machine. They 
are close to being identical, except one is XFree 4.03 (where some blocky 
lines show up at the far right of the movie window) and one is XFree 4.2.0 
(no bands, but no DGA either sigh). Read on for more info on the blocky 
lines problem.

My two problems I hope someone can offer suggestions on:

Problem #1: DivX5 content!
Obviously the linux version of libdivxdecore.0 won't work for me and so I 
probably can't play Divx5 content as a result. For some reason MPlayer 
does its best to use odivx to decode--but I get some nasty video with 
green bands. If I strip out the assertion in:

//	assert(code >= 0);

It won't crash out and will play the whole thing through--there will be 
moments of clarity but for the most part it's just previous frames smeared 
around. It jerks around just a bit as well. This suggests to me that 
certain bits of data are either being ignored or handled incorrectly 
(there are also frames where strange multi-coloured blocks pop up.)

So! Obviously the code doesn't support it completely just yet. At least I 
can sort of watch my self-created content again! :)

Is there an alternative for DivX 5.0-created video for me? =] Remember, no 
linux binaries. Only source code! Or Win32 codec! :)

I read the codecs.html--but my Win32 registry is very unhelpful. Is there 
an easy mod I can make to my codecs.conf to force another win32 codec not 
already in there into service? (Copy file in from Windows side, and monkey 
with codecs.conf? Or does it not quite work that way?)

Problem #2: Strange black-type blocks of lines at the far right of some 
movies, on some machines.
I think this might have more to do with some kind of numerical precision 
than anything else. Possibly a compiler option or problem. But the reason 
I bring it up is to draw on the experience of those kind folk here: If 
you've seen this before, how did you solve it? My mad skillz aren't mad 
enough to trace through masses of MPlayer code just yet.

Ray of light: If I change the output to -vo x11 the bands disappear. Also, 
on my home machine they don't appear at all. Just on my work computer. 
Same OS--NetBSD-current (at 1.5ZB or something now) But the framerate 
chokes down about 20% as well so..  on the larger movies it's not much of 
an option.

Thanks folks--sorry for the tome-like message, but hopefully you don't 
mind. :)


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