[MPlayer-users] Minor Feature Request

Aubin Paul aubin at punknews.org
Fri Mar 15 16:29:01 CET 2002


I scanned through the mailing lists, and no one seems to have brought 
this up before; what are the possibilities of creating a FIFO pipe in 
/tmp/ such that messages could piped to the OSD; i.e. other applications 
could be configured to print notifications in the subtitle area. Even 
something silly like piping a 'biff' to the output or a transfer 
completion from another app. All mplayer would need to do is accept the 
pipe (i.e. /tmp/.mplayer-messages) and print it using the existing OSD 
methods.  (I'm not implying that it's trivial to implement, just the 
scope of effort)



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