[MPlayer-users] subtitles in mencoder

Juergen Hammelmann juergen.hammelmann at gmx.de
Wed Mar 13 14:47:01 CET 2002

Hello Frederick,
the documentation is 100% correct, you should look at the output with the 
"-v" option, so for example with

mplayer -v -dvd 3 -sid 0

I can get from the crazy dvd these following lines:
libdvdread: Found 15 VTS's
libdvdread: Elapsed time 0
DVD successfully opened!
[open] audio stream: 0 audio format: ac3 language: de aid: 128
[open] audio stream: 1 audio format: dts language: de aid: 129
[open] audio stream: 2 audio format: ac3 language: de aid: 130
[open] audio stream: 3 audio format: ac3 language: de aid: 131
[open] number of audio channels on disk: 4.
[open] subtitle ( sid ): 0 language: de
[open] number of subtitles on disk: 1
DVD start cell: 0  pack: 0x0-0xE8EF
DVD start=0 end=2970514

one subtitle with number 0 is on the dvd.

Hope, this helps,


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