[MPlayer-users] Re: subtitles in mencoder

Sven Hartge hartge at ds9.argh.org
Wed Mar 13 02:34:02 CET 2002

Frederick Grim <hal9000 at nyc.rr.com> wrote:

> and i type mplayer -v and get no -sid and get no instructions on using
> -sid.  Sid remains a deep mystery to me. 

How do you call "mplayer -v"? This command alone won't tell you
anything, you have to use it with the command options to play your DVD,

  mplayer -v -dvd 1 

And then it will tell you something like this:

DVD successfully opened!
[open] audio stream: 0 audio format: ac3 language: ja aid: 128
[open] audio stream: 1 audio format: ac3 language: en aid: 129
[open] audio stream: 2 audio format: ac3 language: unknown aid: 130
[open] audio stream: 3 audio format: ac3 language: unknown aid: 131
[open] number of audio channels on disk: 4.
[open] subtitle ( sid ): 0 language: en
[open] subtitle ( sid ): 1 language: unknown
[open] number of subtitles on disk: 2

So, to use the english subtitles, I use -sid 0


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