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gabor farkas gabor at
Sat Mar 9 14:16:01 CET 2002

> > >>if u want a flexible and good tv-out solutin witch is already supported by
> > >>vidix take the ati...
> > >>
> > > vidix is designed for ati cards and works well with them
> > 
> > I thought vidix was designed to be a generic, hardware independant 
> > interface to the BES?
> In theory - yes. In practise, Nick made it knowing only the ATI hw and its
> requirements, and as soon as we started to port mga_vid to vidix, found
> that it's impossible without api changes...
> anyway, direct3d was designed to be generic.. but it's really designed
> for nvidia chips, at least the 8.x version.

please.. this is not entirely correct. i think you're talking about
vertex/pixel shaders

the d3d 8 was designed before hardware implementatations ( geforce 3).

but vidix was designed without a respect for the matrox ( and nvidia
)cards, which were there by that time... 

for example the ati8500 implements more from the vertex/pixel shader
spec than the geforce3/4 :-)

and for the interested, i decided to buy a geforce3... simply because
there aren't any opengl drivers for the ati8500... i think this was a
mayor failure for ati... their 8500 is primarily a 3d card... it was
released at least 3 months ago and there still aren't any linux

yes, opensource but nonexistant drivers :-)

> every API has a reference implementation and it's the best for that hw.
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