AW: [MPlayer-users] ati radeon 8500

Alexander Gretencord arutha at
Fri Mar 8 15:22:01 CET 2002

On Friday 08 March 2002 07:16, you wrote:

> > take a look at to see about the drivers...

Well they only say that theres no 3d for a radeon 8500 and it's not certain 
when there will be (though someone has some 3d driver hack as I read 
somewhere on the mailinglists).

I'm in the same dilemma here. I want a new card but also want 3d. TV out 
would be really great as would some other features of the radeon. But then I 
really want to play quake in linux. This is where nvidia would be the better 
part (just because they have working 3d drivers _now_) but I don't like the 
closed source and stability part of the nvidia drivers. Though I'm not sure 
about the stability issue. I did some googling but I found nothing really 
interesting. (Early) ATI drivers seem to be more of a pain in the ass than 
nvidia drivers.

So has anyone _real_ stability issues with his nvidia geforce3 when playing 
quake or watching videos with mplayer ? I have an Athlon with an abit KT7.

> there will be NEVER vidix for nvidia.
> vidix is designed for ati cards and works well with them

Well I could only repeat what daniel said, so I don't. Why do you say this ? 
Because noone has written drivers yet or because you don't like Nvidia ? ;)

I don't like their closed source driver policy either. ATI is much more open 
but is there some timeframe in which 3d drivers for the radeon 8500 will come 
out? There's still some time before I'm gonna buy a new card but if there are 
no drivers for the ati I will probably get a geforce.


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