[MPlayer-users] Trident xv freeses X

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed Mar 6 22:04:01 CET 2002


> I've just trown a Trident 975 AGP with tvout in my spare computer and
> got the tvout working fine in 640x480.
> But after using mplayer (with -vo xv) my computer locks op upon exiting
driver bug... you shuold try latest Xfree (mayeb CVS) or contact driver

> mplayer (or simply changing movie). I then used 'Option "noaccel"' in my
> XF86Config-4 as directed by other sources. This of course disabled the
> xv output. Are there any other video outputs, that will give me
> rescaling? (and thereby fullscreen), which the now working x11 doesn't
> give me.
-vo x11 -zoom -fs

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