[MPlayer-users] Playing VCD Image, Movie Sizes Changes -> Corrupt (CVS 04.03.02)

Lukas Beeler lb-mplayer-users-dated-1015788416.287e6f at projectdream.org
Tue Mar 5 20:45:02 CET 2002

Hi *

I want to play a VCD image directly from Harddisk. At the
Beginning of the VCD, there are some ads, which are in a
different size then the movie itself. 
The ads itself are displayed correctly, the movie itself to, 
but its only in the upper left edge of the mplayer Window,
and i can't resize it, to match the videos size.
Is there any way to have mplayer to catchup with the new
image size ? Or to resize the window manually ?

Well, i uploaded a sample of my Problem to the incoming
Folder of mplayer's ftp server. I named the File

Thanks in advance for any Help. 

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