[MPlayer-users] Bugreport: Segfault on startup

Szabo Akos fonya at mail.fatav.hu
Tue Mar 5 11:16:02 CET 2002

On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Arpi wrote:

> > For about one week I am not able to run the latest CVS
> > mplayer anymore. It builds fine, but when running it,
> > it segfaults on startup without _any_ output at all.
> > I know that I'm running lots of pre-release, alpha
> > and beta stuff, but since older versions of MPlayer
> > work just fine, I can't understand why it won't even
> > startup correctly.
> i think it's a runtime linking problem. it happened with some old

I think it's not a a runtime linking problem. I've got an NVidia card too, 
and if I don't set some NVidia specific environment variable, the mplayer 
make a segfault only, without output.
The most important variable for this case is the __GL_SINGLE_THREADED.
The value is irrelevant, if not 'NULL'. /True or false, as may You think/

I love ltrace :)


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