[MPlayer-users] Re: ERROR: libdvdcss error: css error: ioctl_ReadCopyright failed

Stephan.Anstoetz at esa.int Stephan.Anstoetz at esa.int
Tue Mar 5 10:31:01 CET 2002

Dear all,

Austin Gonyou wrote:
> Perhaps another workaround is to use 2 separate drives as well, if you
> have them, keeping the dvd-rom drive as ide only.
The thing is that I have only one drive, it is a Combo DVD/CD-ROM/CD-RW drive.

On Mon, 2002-03-04 at 02:33, Stefan Recksiegel wrote:
> not a solution but maybe an explanation because I experienced a very
> similar problem:
> I think that the ide-scsi translator can only translate 'normal', CD-
> operation related commands, when I try to play a DVD on an ATAPI
> drive that is accessed via ide-scsi I find a message in the kernel
> logs that says that ide-scsi could not translate a command that
> was given to it. This was kernel 2.4.2, maybe this has already been
> fixed in a newer kernel so that ide-scsi knows about the command
> necessary to authenticate a DVD.
> A workaround would be to access the drive as a normal IDE drive
> and only use the scsi-emulation for burning CDs.
Maybe I can do this by inserting a new entry into LILO that don't has the
parameter to treat IDE as SCSI drive.

Diego Zuccato wrote:
> SCSI-Generic . Might need "insmod sg.o" to work. sg* is usually needed
> by cdrecord to access cd recorders.
I compiled it now into the new kernel.

> ReadTheFineWebpage .
> Instructions on how to access the CVS tree are there. Just scroll down a
> bit. :-)
> It's definitely worth downloading a recent snapshot.
Will do.

I was trying to make a new kernel (2.4.17) I tried to make it as similar as
possible to the old one but I receive different messages at boot so I am not
quite sure if it was successful. But nevertheless it boots :-).
Since I am very busy at work right now I have not much time to check except at
weekend. It took me the whole saturday night to complie the kernel.

Another question. If I want to start from scratch it is then better to delete
all mplayer related files and libraries? I mean to start with a real clean
environment and not having old stuff as a left over somewhere lying
around. How can I find the files?

Thanks again.
Stephan Anstötz
Spacecraft Operations Engineer
X-Ray Multimirror Mission
European Space Agency, ESOC

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