[MPlayer-users] NeoMagic driver

Stefan Recksiegel sr at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de
Tue Mar 5 05:50:02 CET 2002

> > But anything with a resolution higher than about 352x288
> > still produces 'Insufficient resources' on my neomagic 2200.
> > :-(
> Maybe lowering resolution and/or colordepth of your xserver helps (lower
> res/bpp -> less video memory occupied, more memory left for the
> overlay).

Tried that already. ;-)
But for some reason that I do not understand Xv does not work with
colourdepths of less than 16bit (it uses its own colourspace anyway
and only needs one chromakey, right ?) and lowering the resolution
- besides looking ugly on a TFT notebook display - does not help.
I just wonder how the Window$ drivers do this. The screen does not
seem to switch to 8bit when playing a DVD, and then it needs
1024x768x16bit = 1.4 MB, so there is only about 1 MB left for doing
an overlay in DVD resolution, is this enough ?


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