[MPlayer-users] rage 128 TV-out & XFree

A.V.Kuznetsov kuzn at htsc.mephi.ru
Fri Jul 26 10:08:02 CEST 2002

Hi, List.

Thanks to mplayer team for nice powerful code.
This List joins many experts on linux&video problems my question deals with.

I use RAGE 128 XPERT at 2000 TV-out card with TV (S-video) connected as a rule.
In console mode all is ok, but I can't start X.
XFree86 correctly detects card and monitor (LG Flatron 775FT) and
uses one of vesa modes supported by both.
But monitor detects "out of range frequencies" and goes to sleep.
I try all vesa modes for 600x800 and 1024x768 resolutions using
both GATOS and native xfree86 drivers, all is ok only when TV is disconnected.
Is it correct behavior or something is wrong?

I use 2.4.17 kernel, debian woody and XFree86 4.1.0-9.

I don't need X to play video since -vo vesa:vidix excellently works
for me. However, connecting/disconnecting TV at any playing....?!
Is it possible to disable TV-out using some options for
kernel/xfree/GATOS drivers?

Thanks in advance,

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