[MPlayer-users] converting to submp subtiles

j.a.l j.a.l at free.fr
Sun Jul 21 23:23:02 CEST 2002

- I've no problems for getting specific subtiles or audio tracks for all 
languages, in separated files / chapter, i want, using mencoder. Now i 
have a subtitles.vob file, with all languages, play fine, but how can i 
convert then into native mplayer subtitle ??? using -dumpmpsub ???, so 
what's the file needed by -sub ??? ( get nothing while ripping directly 
from dvd "mplayer -dvd x -chapter y-z -slang w -dumpsub" , or with -sid, 
or -dumpmpsub.... )

- could stay with vob subtile ( in fact this make my coding easier ) but 
    guess there's no more portability...

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