[MPlayer-users] DVD constant a/v mismatch (was DXR3 audio/video sync issues)

Robert R. Wal rrw at hell.pl
Sat Jul 20 11:34:02 CEST 2002

On 02.07.19 Arpi pressed the following keys:

> Unfortunatelly i have only one dvd producing this problem,

I don't remember having many DVDs with noticable a/v difference, but
there are some.

> ~200ms desync, but i'm pretty sure its badly mastered somehow.

May be, or may be not badly mastered DVD. It seems to be so common, that
several programs autimagically compensate this a/v mismatch. I don't
know how is it done, the information may be in one of three places:

1. Some info in VOB header.
2. Relative position of audio and video streams (i.e. do not try to seek
further and start playing a/v streams at the same time, use some form of
interleave-based a/v synchronization).
3. Some info in .IFO file.

Fortunatelly I managed to find the program that reports a/v delay, even
GPL-ed and with Linux version:


> Could someone upload a .vob sample showing this problem _clearly_visible_?

I will upload pieces of VOBs suffering from this problem, but after the
weekend -- got guests for the weekend ;) But the a/v difference I've
seen was never more than 300-500ms, and usually audio was ahead of
video. Not much of a difference, but quite annoying when you hear the
gunshot or explosion before you see it.


Bastard Operator From

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