[MPlayer-users] Sucess: TV-out on MSI Geforce 4

Gunnar Gundersen gunnar at ig-solutions.com
Mon Jul 8 17:06:02 CEST 2002

Just bought a MSI Geforce 4(MX460) card, without knowing what I went

This is a dual head card, with tv output and input.

Twinview in X was easy to set up, however it was not autodetected in
mandrake (kudzu).

TV-out from mplayer works if I first run "nvtv"
and then use vesa output.

But then, ofcourse, I dont get to use "twin view" when doing this
(all monitors gets black).

Im just waiting for a v4l driver for this card (under way).

Best regards,

G. Gundersen

Idland & Gundersen ANS	
Furu Vn 15					Tlf: 994 666 33
4352 Kleppe			      Web: www.ig-solutions.com

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