[MPlayer-users] Is it possible to change video bitrate for MPEG2 ?

DEBERT Jean-Louis jl_debert at rsd-intl.com
Mon Jul 8 09:22:02 CEST 2002


a quick question: I have a video formatted for DVD player
compatibility (that is, readable on standalone DVD players)
so with .ifo, .bup, .vob files and whatever in video_ts
The video (currently on a DVD-R) has something around
6Mbit/s video bitrate, which I guess is standard for MPEG2
and DVD video. The .vob file, which accounts for most of
the space used on disk, is ~780MB.

So my question is: is there any way to change the video bitrate
(to, say, around 5 Mbit/s) so that it can fit on a normal CD-R
(650 or 700MB) while still being playable on a normal standalone
DVD player ??? If so, is it possible with Mencoder, and how ?

If I want it to be playable on a standalone DVD player, I guess
1. I must keep the directory structure
2. I should edit the .ifo  (is there any linux tool to do this ?)
3. (maybe) I should burn the CD in UDF format (or in dual ISO/UDF)

Of course it would be easy to convert to MPEG4 with Mencoder
but then I would lose playability on standalone DVD players. 

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