[MPlayer-users] [REQ] Ogg Media idiosyncrasies (was: OggVorbis: 2 sound streams and subtitles)

Robert R. Wal rrw at hell.pl
Sun Jul 7 22:19:02 CEST 2002

On 02.07.02 Dominik Benninger pressed the following keys:

> my question now is: how can i tell mplayer to use different audio stream out 
> of the ogg stream

You can specify it using

   -aid X

(where X is 1, 2, 3 etc - number of audio stream)

For now it is impossible to use the other form (-alang en,sk), since
mplayer doesn't parse language information contained in Ogg comment

> and to use the text of the ogg stream as subtitles?

As far as I know you cannot yet use ogg/text streams, which is pitty,
since all OGM files I create contain internal subtitles and they
work fine in Windows/BSPlayer.

I don't know if it is being worked on.

So, here goes my feature request regarding Ogg Media files:

1. Every Ogg stream contains mandatory comment field that contains
information about stream in form of ``environment variables''. Typically
it contains line "LANGUAGE=LangName" [1]. Would it be possible that Ogg
demuxer parsed those informations and allowed to use use the form:

   -alang pl,en


2. Ogg Media files can contain OggText streams. These are just simple
ascii (or cp1250, iso-latin-2 etc) streams containing subtitles. Similar
to OggVorbis streams they contain "LANGUAGE=Name" line in their comment

Would it be possible to implement those features in mplayer? I can
provide several movies with multiple audio and subtitle streams, or just
samples of them for someone to work on.

Even if it is the only option I won't be able to implement it myself:
I already looked into mplayer sources, only to find out, that it is
beyond my abilities and knowledge... :(

But I can bribe someone ;) If someone implements those features he will
receive my eternal gratitude, and a small gift[3] ;)


[1] e.g. LANGUAGE=Polish, LANGUAGE=English, LANGUAGE=Hungarian[2];
[2] typically language names are in English, but no one says mplayer
 can't properly recognise LANGUAGE=Magyar, LANGUAGE=Polski etc.
[3] 30 CDs containing four seasons (87 episodes) of Stargate SG1,
 packed with 2-pass DivX4 at 700 512x288, and OggVorbis -q 1 ;)

Bastard Operator From

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