[MPlayer-users] OggVorbis: 2 sound streams and subtitles

Dominik Benninger d.b at gmx.ch
Tue Jul 2 01:30:02 CEST 2002


a friend of mine ripped a dvd under windows with OggVorbis sound codec. and as 
you know, its possible to include multiple audiostreams into one OggVorbis 
file. so that you can mux it together with the movie file and you just have 
one file and not three like old way: the movie, the first language and the 
second language. furthermore its possible to include text into the OggVorbis 
file, so that you even dont need to add a special subtitle file.

my question now is: how can i tell mplayer to use different audio stream out 
of the ogg stream and to use the text of the ogg stream as subtitles?

thanks in advance for your help and excuse my mistakes, im not a native 
english speaker.

greets db

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