[MPlayer-users] Please help a newbie with AVI video only problem

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sun Jul 7 17:22:04 CEST 2002


> yes, I was wrong and you are right, I found out this, when googling:
> [drivers]
> ...
> VIDC.mvi1=mvicodec.dll
> VIDC.mvi2=mvicodec.dll
> so above to lines say that mvicodec.dll is the (16Bit?) VfW codec used to 
> decode mvi1 and avi2.

if it's 16bit, it's bad, as the current dll loader doesn't support 16bit
dlls at all.

> ; VfW 1.1e 16-bit AVI support [next 3 lines]:
> VIDC.YVU9=C:\WG\SYSTEM\ir21_r.dll
> VIDC.RT21=C:\WG\SYSTEM\ir21_r.dll
> VIDC.IV30=C:\WG\SYSTEM\ir32.dll
> Well, these files seem to be also needed for "YUV9 Decoding support", they 
mplayer has native yvu9 support... we don't need indeo dll for that as vfw

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