[MPlayer-users] asx ==> mp3?

Gregory M. Amerson gamerso at uark.edu
Wed Jul 3 19:05:02 CEST 2002

On 3 Jul 2002, gabor wrote:

> i'm not sure i understand what you want...
> if you want to create an 'asx' file ..asx is a text file... so you
> probably want to create the wmv and/or asf files... it's not possible
> with mencoder ( only avi output).
> if you want to save the from-internet-streamed asx to your hardix, you
> can try mplayer -dumpstream

There are some radio broadcast on the web (asx streams) which I would like
to record when I am not at home and I though mplayer could help me do this.
So my question was related to that and your example cmd worked ...

mplayer -ao pcm -aofile radio_show.wav http://link_to_asx_stream

Thanks alot!


> >
> > Is recording an asx to an mp3 file possible?  If so could someone show
> > the correct syntax in case I am messing that up some way.  Thanks!
> try mplayer -vo pcm -aofile outfile.wav myfile.asf... this will create a
> wav file, and you can create the mp3 file from that file with an mp3
> encoder ( for example mp3 lame).

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