[MPlayer-users] 42 was: Comments on Joe Barrs MPlayer critizism

dan carter dcarter at waitaki.otago.ac.nz
Thu Jan 31 02:37:01 CET 2002

gabor farkas wrote:
> now:
>  mplayer is a superb thing, it was a mayor point for me to switch to linux
> but,
> i thought everyone agrees on that linux should made more user friendly...
> and now i see not everyone thinks that.... maybe this is because of my
> windows past... but for me it looks so simple:
> more user-friendly system=> more users=> more companies release drivers for
> linux => better linux.

IMHO more user-friendly system = less time reading documentation and
editing configs => more time writing code and watching movies :)

Also, more user-friendly system = joe public users can operate the
program without needing sage advice from the mailing lists.

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