[MPlayer-users] 42 was: Comments on Joe Barrs MPlayer critizism

Mike Melanson melanson at pcisys.net
Thu Jan 31 00:54:01 CET 2002

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Arpi wrote:

> > any media file and make it play without any further argument. That's a
> hmm. i've just got an idea to solve the -ni problem...

	Good brainstorm. Naturally, my thinking was more along the lines
of aiming MPlayer at any MOV file and decoding the data, regardless of
whether it has SVQ1 or QDMC/2 data inside...:)

> > all about me, me, me...:) The benefit that other users derive is a
> > side-effect of the benefit that I derive. Any other MPlayer developers
> > with me on this?
> I completely agree.
> But as you can see, users always think we're all working hard to make THEIR
> life better and they are very upset if something doesn't work or isn't
> supported. They never think that we're doing this for ourself, in our spare
> time, and they should be happy as we share this instead of blaming us.

	I don't wish to discount the fact that there is an incredible
spirit of cooperation in the open source/free software community. One
need only glance at the list of MPlayer contributors. The spirit does
tend to be infectious and inspire others to write free software. However,
it does irk me to read editorials, written by non-programmers, which extol
free software as The Way which will eventually bring peace, love, and
happiness to all the earth, and that all of us developers should be
working tirelessly toward that end goal. Me? I just want to experiment
with codec algorithms and MPlayer is a superb platform for such research.

	That's why I quit frequenting Linux news sites. And I also get a
lot more MPlayer hacking done...:) Okay, glad to get all that out...
	-Mike Melanson

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