[MPlayer-users] 42 was: Comments on Joe Barrs MPlayer critizism

gabor farkas xlat at pobox.sk
Wed Jan 30 18:53:03 CET 2002


this will have nothing to do with JoeBarrs..... :-)

in december i was still using windows... ( winxp )

then in january i had a talk with one of my friends who had linux and he 
showed me the mplayer...
after that i went to www.mplayerhq.hu...

and i've found this text:
mplayer 0.60 released etc.....
"brand new kick-penguin-ass homepage design by chass (this is his opinion:)"
i liked it... so i switched to linux :-)
actually i've visited one or two times linux but i always left after a week 
or so

i'm now using linux for a month or so and i won't go back to win.
becase it's a good system, of course because it's free, and because it's much
easier to use than before... yes, sometimes i have to edit a config-file,
but most of things i can reach from the menu...

i mean i could learn how to edit those config-files ( i'm studying 
informatics 4th year after all :-), but it's easier at the beginning.

so what has this to do with the subject? ;-)
look below ... there is what gabucino wrote...

On Wednesday 30 January 2002 03:17 pm, you wrote:
> The more they RTFM, the less they ask (anger) people they shouldn't.
> The more they RTFM, the sooner they emerge from the "/msg guru my linux is
> not working, helpme!" lamer group.
> The more they RTFM, the less they post in slashdot :)
> The more they RTFM, the more initiative they'll have.
> The more they RTFM, the more they value TFMs.
> The more they RTFM, the more they know english :)
> The more they RTFM, the more value my WTFM will have :)
> The more they RTFM, the more they know Unix.
> The more they know Unix, the more they'll understand why Barr sux.
> The more they understand why Barr sux, the better the world will be.

 mplayer is a superb thing, it was a mayor point for me to switch to linux


i thought everyone agrees on that linux should made more user friendly...
and now i see not everyone thinks that.... maybe this is because of my 
windows past... but for me it looks so simple:

more user-friendly system=> more users=> more companies release drivers for 
linux => better linux.

so what do you think? i simply want to hear your opinions

gabor farkas

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