[MPlayer-users] performance...

Diego Zuccato diego at otello.alma.unibo.it
Wed Jan 30 18:01:19 CET 2002

Arpi wrote:
> I've just tested CVS mplayer a bit on a celeron2 500mhz (HP omnibook500 laptop)
> with ati rage 3d (mach64) card. (X 4.2.0+latest GATOS ati.2 Xv)
I just tried "downgrading" xfree-4.0.3 to 4.0.2 to use latest GATOS.
-vo xv now works, but if I make it fullscreen (non just with xv, but
even with sdl), the image doesen't keep its aspect ratio and the last
line is repeated till the end of the screen.

Just reporting. Trying with some c.l. switches (that weren't needed


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