[MPlayer-users] Comments on Joe Barrs MPlayer critizism

Henrik Nordhus hnordhus at broadpark.no
Wed Jan 30 15:15:01 CET 2002

I think an "everything included"  (that is: with one font and the default 
skin) tarball would be a good idea for the 'point releases', not as a 
replacement but as an alternative. Placing the config-files in a location 
where it will be picked up by default is also a good idea, although there may 
be technical reasons for not doing this, I'm not a developer. As for making 
the gui-version default. I agree with the sentiment that this is to be 
considered optional beta-software at this point. I don't see why it couldn't 
be default for the people who do an '--enable-gui' though.
There's a difference between user-friendly and dumbed down, it would be nice 
if MPlayer, and Linux in general, could go for the former. 
(IMHO linux is already user-friendly. It varies between distros of course, 
but most people's problems are connected to the fact that they're used to 
thinking 'windowsy'. Instead of learning to do things in another way, they 
seem to want everything to be exactly like that other OS.)

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