[MPlayer-users] mencoder - newbie-question

Axel Gruber agruber at mobilis.de
Wed Jan 30 08:55:01 CET 2002

Hi List

Sorry - i´m new on this list so - if this questoin is stupid - please forgive me !

I use mplayer now since.some weeks with DVB - and it works great.

No i want to use the Programm called "mencoder" to encode a Video-STream - Recorded
with the DVB/VDR Software (MPEG2) to a MPEG1 Stream with the specificatoins of VCD (Resoltion, Bitrate,...)

To do this i have made this things:

Dowmnloaded the latest CVS-Snapshoot of MPLAYEr and extract it.
   ""       the latest   ""          of FFMPEG          ""

Copy the /libavcodec directory to the Path of the Mpalyer (overwrite existing-Files)

Patched the file (described in /doc/DVB)

make install

Now mplayer compile correct and istall..

But í´m not able to encode anything...

I have tryed several "examples" from the Doc-Files - but i only get the error-Message "DIVX4 Codec not compiled in" - but i want to encode to MPEG1....

Can anyone tell me what i make wrong ?

Perhaps it´s not possible with this Software ?

Perhaps anyone is donig this and can post a example-command-Line for me ?

Thank to all who read this mail  !

Axel Gruber

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