[MPlayer-users] Contrast & brightness control on TVOUT (Matrox G400 - mga)

pbisiac at inwind.it pbisiac at inwind.it
Wed Jan 23 10:01:01 CET 2002

Hi, we are working on an integrated divx/dvd set-top box, with Flash disk for bootstrap (or CD...) and little Linux distro.
We are using RH 7.2, mplayer 0.60, no X, mga_vid, matrox_fb. DVD and DIVX play well.
We are very happy about mplayer, although we are not able to set contrast/brightness on TV out from the G400.
This tuning is necessary, 'cause the default output is dark and poor-contrasted.
Does anyone know how to tweak source code, or use some tools for making this TVout usable ?
Anyone interested in co-opering with us in this project ?

Paolo Bisiach
Ettore Mellaré

e-mail pbisiac at inwind.it

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