[MPlayer-users] Strange behaviour when seeking in mpeg2 files

Stephen Davies steve at daviesfam.org
Sun Jan 20 23:02:02 CET 2002

On 20 Jan 2002, Markus A. Greiner wrote:

> I was playing around with mplayer's -ss switch and was wondering about
> how this switch and the keys are seeking in an mpeg2 video file.
> Starting mplayer with the command "mplayer movie.mpeg -ss 00:02:00 
> won't jump to this time it jumps to "00:21:10" and "00:05:00" to
> "00:45:47". The left- and right-arrow keys doesn't seek +-10 seconds,
> they seek about +-00:01:40.  
> Using an MPEG1 or DIVX encoded video doesn't show this big timeshifts.
> Seeking in AVI Files jumps to the declared time. In MPEG1 there is a
> difference about 15-30 seconds.

What bit rate does your mpeg2 file claim to have, what does it really


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